10-Minute Summer Home Safety Checklist

At last the sun is about to shine again, and warm weather is setting in. There are good vibes everywhere, and you want to enjoy the sun. Winter months have been hard on your house no doubt, so as you start the summer with gladness, remember your house had the worst of winter so that you could be comfortable. A little care will restore it to its former strength, so you need to start your summer inspection with;

The roof

The extreme temperatures coupled with the weight of snow on your roof can have an effect on your roof. This is no slight on the strength of your roof; you just need to check it because you will be able to avoid trouble in future.

Possible problems you might notice include sagging and leaks. You can tell there is a leak if light filters through. A complete do it yourself roof inspection might be hazardous so you might want to involve a plumber.

The gutter

Clean the drain of any blockage in preparation for the summer rains. A blocked pipe can cause damage to your roof and cause flooding. You need to:

  • Ensure the pipe is not blocked or leaking
  • Look at the sieve that prevents leaves from entering the drain. If it is full of dirt, clean it.

The air conditioning

Your air conditioning unit has probably toiled all winter to keep you warm. Now it faces the task of cooling your home. Test to see if it can switch between the heating and cooling modes. It is also a good time to:

  • Clean or replace the filters
  • Check the insulation on the coolant lines and repair or replace frayed insulation
  • Ascertain that the drain from the condenser unit is clear of obstruction.
  • Call a technician to carry out maintenance.


If your pipes are insulated, you don’t have much to worry about, but check for any signs of blockage and leaks. In case your house has a basement check it for any evidence of dampness. Also, check the bathroom, and see if the toilet flushes as usual. The warm summer air allows pipes to expand which can reveal leaks. You can do the following to ensure drains are in good condition:

  • Clear the storm water drains of any weeds, leaves, and dirt.
  • Do not allow trees to grow very close to the storm water drains or the sewer lines it as roots are a great cause of blockage.

The windows and doors

Winter and summer put your house to the extremes and weaknesses. You need your windows intact to keep the hot summer out and the cooler air in. If your doors and windows close properly, they will provide insulation. As a result, the cooling will be more efficient, and you will pay lower energy bills. Remember to:

  • Check opening and closing mechanisms, frames, and hinges.
  • Check the latches; they can get stiff.

The garden

The garden has many weeds at their young stage as summer begins. With plants come pests. If you live in the warmer places, you are likely to find pests like termites looking to invade your home. Here are things you can do;

  • Reinforce the repellent measures that you use for instant bait stations. You can also put down gardening on your to-do list, to stop weeds from taking over.
  • Weeding to avoid pests like rats and create a neat look.

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