4 Signs You Need to Filter Your Water

4 Signs You Need to Filter Your Water

This may not be something a homeowner thinks about often, but the water that runs through your home could be causing damage that you might be attributing to something else. Water that has not be properly treated or filtered could cause more than a few problems that you might want to reverse as soon as possible with the help of professionals. The following are four signs that you might need a filtration system installed, pronto.


1. Hair Problems

Some people believe that hair loss can be attributed to water that has not been treated properly. This is not exactly true, but there are a few connections between the health of your hair and the condition of your water. For one, there may be some minerals and harmful chemical byproducts in your water.


Municipal water is treated to get rid of harmful bacteria and other pathogens, but the chemicals used are rarely filtered correctly, so they end up in your home. It is here where all those mineral deposits and chemicals start to wreck havoc on your hair. In essence, it makes your hair dry and brittle. This causes your hair to break easily, which could look like you are losing your hair.


You should talk to a plumber as soon as possible should you notice this issue.


2. Water Taste Funny

All those chemical byproducts and minerals are no good for you and your family. Some people can usually tell that there is something off about the water. There is a slight mineral-like taste or metal-like taste to the water. Some households notice a distinct unpleasant smell coming from the water.


Some sensitive people also feel strange after drinking water that has not been treated properly. They might feel a little tired among other sensations, though this is not common. There are also a few long-term health risk that have been linked to hard water like cardiovascular disease and reproductive failure.


These are some of the warning signs telling you that your water might not be healthy enough for consumption. Talk to your plumber to see if you have this problem as he or she can test your water’s condition.


3. Clothes do Not Last as They Should

Those minerals can cause a headache in the laundry room for a number of reasons. For one, the water does not allow soap to remove all the dirt from your clothes. The minerals in the water tend to cling to your clothes as well.


Your clothes may feel a little stiff even though you just washed them, or they may look dingy. With enough exposure to the water, the colors in your clothes may start to become dull.


Some people try to correct this problem by using more soap, which means that they are wasting soap when they do not need to.


4. Soap Scum and Stains

No one wants to clean the sink, tub, or other water fixtures, yet having hard water might actually cause this to happen more often than not. Soap is meant to easily dissolve in water. The heavy metals, minerals, and chemical by-products sometimes make it hard for soap to properly dissolve.


What happens is you start to see an excessive amount of soap scum on some of your water fixtures. The soap scum should be cleaned off immediately, but it could be overlooked, which could lead to stains.


This will force you or someone in your family to have to clean up more often than needed.


Hopefully, these four signs made it a little clearer as to why you might need to have a water filtration system installed in your home.


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