3 Tips to Fix Low Water Pressure

Let’s be honest – taking a shower when you have low water pressure is not a pleasurable experience. The idea of taking 10 minutes to rinse off a little soap is completely unappealing. When you have low water pressure, chances are there’s an easy way to fix the issue. Here are the most common reasons we see for low water pressure, as well as what you can do to fix the issue:

Buildup from Debris and Mineral Deposits

If low water pressure is only occurring in one or two fixtures in your home, there is a good chance this may be from debris buildup. As you may know, water can greatly vary from area to area. This may result in heavier water, full of minerals. Over time, these minerals buildup and cause blockage. You can easily fix this issue by filling a small plastic bag with white vinegar and hanging the bag from the shower head with a rubber band. After a few hours of soaking the shower head in vinegar, remove the bag from the shower head. The vinegar should have loosened the deposits.


The common leak is another cause of low water pressure. A hole or small puncture in your plumbing can greatly impact water pressure. Calling the professionals at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric would be your best solution to fixing this issue.

Valve Issue

When you have low water pressure throughout your home, the issue may be a result of your main shut-off valve not being completely open. When checking this, you may want to see if your home has a pressure-reducing valve installed. If you are not familiar with this, give us a call so our professionals can share their knowledge with you!

Don’t let low water pressure bring you down! The professionals at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric are ready to provide you with extraordinary service.

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