Some of the Common Plumbing Questions Our Louisville Customers Ask

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Top 10 Questions People Ask Their Plumber

How Do You Fix Leaking Pipes Behind a Wall?

The unfortunate thing about pipes in Louisville homes is that any one of them can leak, even if they are behind a wall. Leaking pipes behind a wall most likely means that the plumber will have to cut into the wall to get to the pipes unless there is an access panel or door that allows access to the pipes that are leaking. It’s possible that a section of the wall will have to be cut out, and the wall will then have to be replaced after the leak is fixed.

How Do You Know if a Plumber is Qualified to do a Certain Job?

When you want to determine if a plumber can do a job or not, there are few things to consider. It’s best to make sure they are licensed and not just someone who does plumbing jobs or is a handyman. It’s necessary to determine what type of training or schooling the plumber has had. You’ll also want to consider getting customer recommendations to let you know what services the plumber has done in the past.

In some cases, a plumber may be able to show their body of work or some of the past work they’ve done, so asking for references or any pictures or information they may have would also be a good way to help you make an informed decision about a plumber.

Is it Wise to Allow a Plumber to do Bathroom Remodeling in my Louisville Home?

Not only is it wise to allow a plumber to remodel the bathroom in your Louisville home but a plumber is the best choice when your bathroom needs to be remodeled. Many will always consider anyone else except for a plumber when they need their bathroom remodeled, but who would do the plumbing in the bathroom if not a plumber?

Plumbing companies have remodeling services, which means you can get a great looking bathroom as well as all the plumbing fixtures installed and cared for, which means no need to worry about leaks or improperly installed plumbing.

Is Using a Chemical Unclogging Product a Good Choice?

It’s possible to use a chemical unclogging product for sinks, toilets, and tubs, but these can be dangerous to the person using the chemical as well as to the drains. If you want to keep your drains lasting as long as possible, then choose an alternative source other than chemicals to unclog a drain. If you’re unsure what to do, it’s best to get a plumber out to unclog any drain as opposed to using chemicals that can damage the drains and pipes as well as possibly injuring the person using the chemicals.

Does Replacing a Toilet Require a Plumber?

It’s the best idea to get a plumber when a toilet in your Louisville home needs replacement, especially if you want it installed properly and securely. A toilet can rock and move if it’s not securely put in place, and this can lead to leaking as well as foul smells in the bathroom, so allow a plumber to do the work.

Why is Mold Around the Base of the Toilet?

If you’re experiencing mold around the base of your toilet, then it’s likely that the wax ring underneath the toilet has come loose and is allowing water and sewage to spill out around the base of the toilet, which then grows bacteria and turns to mold. The toilet needs to be secured again by a plumber in order to get rid of the mold problem.

Does a Garbage Disposal Ever Need to be Cleaned?

Many use garbage disposal units without thinking about cleaning it, and they can smell after a while. If something large is lodged in the garbage disposal unit, then make sure to cut power to the unit before removing the large particles. Flush the unit with water, and use ice and salt in the disposal to help dislodge other particles that may be stuck in it.

If you have a scrub brush that can go into the disposal unit, then you can feel free to clean the inside of it with the brush, and using citrus fruits as well as vinegar can help get rid of smells, and a little bleach would also do the trick. There are also some cleaning products meant for garbage disposal units that are sold on the market.

Louisville, KY Common-Plumbing-Questions-by-CustomerHow Often Does a Water Heater need Maintenance?

A water heater will need maintenance every single year if you want to keep it running properly. Since some water heaters can last up to 12 years, this may mean that you’ll have to have the heater maintained 12 times before it’s finally time to get another heater.

Yearly maintenance may include draining the unit, as well as checking for needed repairs or replacement parts, and flushing the unit, whether it’s a tankless water heater or not.

Why Does the Toilet Still Run After it’s Flushed?

A broken flap could be the only reason why the toilet continues running when it’s flushed because the flap won’t completely close, which doesn’t allow the tank to adequately fill with water. Replacing the flap should fix the problem.

Does a Leaky Faucet Need to be Replaced?

Contrary to popular belief, a leaky faucet can be fixed by replacing parts inside of it as opposed to replacing it all together.

Take A Plumber’s Advice

Since plumbers know what they’re doing when it pertains to any type of plumbing issues, take their advice seriously, and feel free to ask all the questions you want to get the answers you need about your plumbing problems.

Plumbing professionals are available at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air and Electric in the Louisville, KY area, by calling today at (502) 716-5430.

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