Why It’s Important To Seal Your Windows Properly

Sealing your windows can have a huge impact on your home. Not only can it keep your homes heating and cooling costs down, it can keep out stray bugs, allergens and weather too. Most people don’t know that such a huge amount of dirt and debris that flows into the home does so through small cracks and crevices in the windows. Ensure you home stays safe from all types of invasions. Learn what might be ending up in your home if your windows are not properly sealed.


  1. Save on Heating Bills

No matter what type of heating keeps your home warm in the winter – electric, radiator or gas – sealing your windows properly can ensure that the heat stays where it’s supposed to: Inside. Keeping your windows sealed will make sure your valuable heat can circulate throughout your home without escaping through the cracks in the windows.


  1. Save on Air Conditioning Bills

Just like your heating, the air from your air conditioning unit can sneak through cracks in your windows and home. This air can be sucked from your home in the summertime and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Not only can it make your home much warmer than it should be, but it can also mess with the thermostat on your air conditioner, so your unit works much harder than it should. This can mean higher electricity bills in the summer when your air conditioner is working longer and harder hours. Poor AC can also lead to a more humid home in the summertime months.


  1. Keep Out the Elements

Properly sealing your windows can keep precious air inside, but it can also keep other things outside. You probably don’t want the elements in your home, so keep rain, fog, snow and frost outside where they should be. Although it might seem as though there’s no worry in keeping out rain and other weather, water can seep into your window cracks to warp and damage the frames around your windows. Once this happens, the cracks may deepen, and you might find water damage in other places around your home too. Keep your belongings safe by keeping the weather outside your home.


  1. Keep Out Bugs

Not just the elements can sneak into your home through cracks in your windows. Bugs and other pests can mosey inside your home too. The most common types of bugs to sneak in through cracks in improperly sealed windows are spiders, fleas, mosquitos and gnats. These can not only disrupt your home’s environment, but they can be a huge health hazard. If you have pets, your cats and dogs fur can attract these bugs and spread them around your home.


  1. Keep Out Pollen and Allergens

Plenty of other types of debris can enter your home through unsealed windows. Allergens, like pollen and mold, can insert themselves into your life through these small crevasses. If not treated, these allergens can take root in the wood frames or even in your walls. Once these allergens have gotten inside your home, it’s much harder to clear them away. Other types of particles that can enter your home include bacteria, dust and heavy metals from passing cars. Protect your home from allergens before the problem starts.


  1. Reduce Street Noise

If you notice a lot of street noise in your home, you might want to consider resealing your windows. Most street noise enters the home through improperly sealed windows and doors. By creating a barrier in small cracks between you and the street, you can keep street noise out. This can lead to a better night’s sleep, a more relaxed home environment and happier pets.


  1. Expand the Life of Your Windows

If your windows keep running their course faster than you can say, “Seal them up,” you might want to consider resealing your windows. Keeping up on maintenance can be a huge step in prolonging the lifespan of windows and doors. By resealing windows, you’ll keep out bacteria, mold, mildew and moisture – all culprits of faster deterioration.


Though small cracks and crevasses don’t seem like a huge deal, they can actually lead to much larger problems in the home. Make sure your windows maintain their longevity by keeping their seals up to code.

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