How Does a Solar Water Heater Work?

A solar water heater, as its name suggests, use the heat of the sun to warm up your water. To do this, solar panels or collectors positioned on the roof of your Louisville home absorbs the sun’s radiant heat. It is subsequently pumped via pipes to a cylinder containing the hot water. The immersion heater or boiler tops up the heat to reach the desired temperature. A solar water heater install is the best way to save money in the medium and long run.

The procedure of heating up water

The process by which water is heated in a closed loop thermal system is as follows:

  1. The supplied cold water enters the cylinder where it  becomes hot.
  2. The fluid is pushed to the solar panel on the roof by pumps.
  3. The fluid goes through the metal pipes located in the interior of the panel and gets heated by the sun.
  4. The fluid consequently passes into the coil inside the cylinder, heating up the water.
  5. Another coil, which has a boiler connection and located inside the cylinder ramps up the water temperature to the desired level.

Technology involved in solar water heaters

Any solar thermal device has a few compulsory components: a solar collector (solar panel), pump, hot water holding cylinder and controller. A boiler is needed for backing up the system. The solar panels come in two kinds: evacuated tube collectors and flat plate collectors. At Tom Drexler, you will get all these components.

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