Have Your Home’s Air Quality Tested

Have you ever considered the fact that your HVAC system may not be functioning at its optimal level in your Louisville home? Many homeowners and residents tend to ignore the quality of air they breathe indoors. In many cases, homeowners will not even realize that the air in their homes is of poor quality, until they eventually develop medical conditions like asthma. Testing the quality of air in your home from time to time is critical, especially if you or loved ones suffer from particular allergies.

Why test for air quality

Whether it is from stove tops, furnaces or fireplaces, a home is often subjected to increased amounts of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Evidence of high carbon monoxide content usually presents itself through symptoms like headaches, unconsciousness, and nausea. Excessive nitrogen dioxide inhalation can lead to medical conditions like emphysema.

Apart from these gases, there are other harmful particulates like asbestos to worry about. Asbestos is usually formed in the soil around a home, before traveling indoors. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause serious health conditions, that may even be fatal.

Finally, the moisture content in the air in your home will also need to be regulated. High moisture content can cause excessive mold and mildew build up on the walls and ceilings of your home, ultimately causing conditions like skin rashes and wheezing.

If you have experienced any of these conditions, it is highly recommended that you contact one of the many professional air cleaners in Louisville today, to have your home inspected.

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