Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

If you are thinking of water heater replacement, then think of the numerous benefits offered by tankless water heaters. It’s advisable to go tankless in Louisvile considering high average temperatures most of the year.

Save on energy and operating costs

Tankless heaters will save you on a lot of energy in the long run. While water heater replacement to a tankless heater can be expensive, it will save you a lot of energy over time. Tankless heaters are ideal for a quick shower; you don’t have to unnecessarily waste energy heating a big tank of water.  You will get instant hot water, as opposed to heater tanks that need time to heat unused water. Also, unused water in tanks doesn’t retain heat for a very long time, so you’ll be spending energy on re-heating the unused water.

Long lasting and durable

Tankless water heater last up to 20 years as compared to a heater tank which may survive a maximum of 10-12 years. If you know you’ll be living in your home for a long time water heater replacement to a tankless heater makes sense. Tankless heaters are also a cleaner option since water does not stagnate in a tank that’s prone to rust scaling.

Saves space and more convenient

Tankless water heaters save precious real estate space in your homes. You can mount them on a wall and have them either indoors or outdoors. Some of the tankless models are even equipped with safety features that don’t let scalding water out of the faucet, making it safe for your children.

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