Why Should You Have Your Home’s Air Quality Tested?

A quick air quality test at your home and you are sure to find a number of pollutants that might be wrecking havoc with your health. There are a number of reasons you should get your homes’ air quality tested by reputed experts from Louisville, like Tom Drexler.

Toxic gases

Air quality test of your home’s indoor air will reveal several sources of harmful emissions from simple household appliances and products. If unchecked and allowed to remain in the air for long, these toxic gases can cause severe respiratory problems.

  • Kitchen appliances like stove and oven release gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.
  • New carpets and household cleaning products are a source of formaldehyde.
  • Methylene chloride is found in aerosol spray paints.
  • Benzene is found in tobacco smoke.


A type of fungus, mold thrives in damp and humid environments. Some mold comes inside through outside air and begins to grow in homes. Mold produces toxins and can lead to many health issues for the residents of the house they grown in. Mold can cause allergic reactions, lung infections and other respiratory problems.

  • Mold can grow easily in and around kitchen sinks.
  • Bathroom walls, drains and pipes are typical places for mold to thrive.
  • Warm and humid environment of the HVAC systems at homes provide a comfortable place for mold and spores to grow.
  • Windows if damp with rain water and left unchecked can help mold growth.
  • Leaks in houses are a potential place for mold to grow.

Hire the experts from Tom Drexler and ensure that your Louisville home has excellent indoor air quality.

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