5 Tips for Maintaining Toilet Plumbing

To maintain toilet plumbing of your home or office in Louisville take a few preventive measures which will help you avoid expensive toilet repair costs. Since office toilets are public spaces create a list of dos’ and don’ts and put it up at strategic places within toilet area so the space stays clean and drains remain unclogged which will reduce your toilet repair expenses.

Plumbing insulation

To prevent all types of plumbing within bathrooms from becoming brittle and breaking up during winter insulate them effectively and check quality of the insulation before onset of winter months.

Avoiding disposing garbage in toilet

People have a tendency to try and flush off even non-disposable garbage in toilets leading to clogged drains. This leads to expensive toilet repairs wherein plumbing firms will have to check entire toilet drain before breaking it down for removing the debris. The whole process will require removing and replacing clogged plumbing section which is an expensive exercise.

Fix minor plumbing problems immediately

Always keep a lookout for minor toilet repairs and fix them as soon as they occur to avoid big problems in future like water leaks, cracked tiles around pipes and peeling wires.

Conducting Annual checks

Get a regular checkup done from local plumber for leaks, minor repairs and keeping drains clog free and leak free too. An annual maintenance contract with professional plumbing firm which covers free replacement of broken parts would be ideal.

Using proper equipment to clean and maintain toilets

Try to avoid using harsh chemicals on toilet floors and drains to clean as they tend to spoil tiles and corrode drains after prolonged usage.

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